A first in Europe

Transportation network company Uber is launching its Uber Freight app in the Netherlands. The app matches carriers and shippers, making it simple for businesses to find a trucker ready to transport their goods with little notice. After a successful launch in the US, Uber has chosen the Netherlands as the first European country to debut the service. In the future, Uber says it plans to roll out the app in other locations, but for now it is focusing exclusively on the Dutch market. 

This app works in a similar fashion to Uber’s flagship offering. It gives truckers steady access to work while providing companies with a pool of experienced professionals ready to handle their logistics needs. The movement of goods can also be monitored in real time, making it easier for businesses in the Amsterdam Area to send and receive items without expensive delays. 

Meeting the challenges of a demanding market

Uber Freight debuted in the US in May 2017. The European truckload market is worth approximately 350 billion Euros, and after China and the US, is the third-largest in the world. However, Uber reports that dispatchers and drivers spend hours (and sometimes days) on the admin work required to book just one load of goods, costing them time and money.  

The European trucking market also has an intense staffing shortage, making it even more difficult to find qualified drivers. In a statement, Uber Freight said their expansion into the Netherlands is an “important first step toward bringing our vision for an efficient and transparent freight marketplace to the international stage”. The debut of Uber Freight also strengthens Amsterdam’s reputation as a logistics hub; the city has high-speed rail and an international airport that flies to over 300 destinations. Additionally, the Port of Amsterdam is the fourth largest in Europe and has facilities that handle, process, store and tranship all kinds of goods.

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