Providing room for EU-wide growth

TRG, a provider of products and services relating to barcodes, mobile computing, payment processing and POS, is expanding its global operations by opening a new facility in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. This will provide the US-based company (which was established in 2015 in Nijmegen) with room to expand its activities in the European Union.

Building on a successful year

Over the last year, TRG has experienced considerable growth. In July 2018, the company announced the opening of a new retail deployment centre in Ohio and the launch of the TRG Payment Solutions division. An in-house media and consumables team was created that September, and it experienced a growth rate of nearly 20% during the same year, when it hired more than 50 new employees. 

In a press release, Sean Kennedy, TRG’s president, said: “This expansion establishes key team members as full-time, locally-based employees, which will strengthen our capabilities overseas and improve overall customer experience.”

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