A new tool to help internationals in the Amsterdam Area

I amsterdam has launched a new tool to help internationals to find their ideal place to live in the Amsterdam Area. The interactive MapitOut tool can be used as a guide to suggest neighbourhoods in the city region to people looking for a new home.

To use the tool, users select a living location by entering desired travel times to different locations. After entering their place of work or other address, preferred travelling time and mode of transport (public transport, cycling, driving etc), MapitOut will then show them the overlapping area, including potential living areas which meet their desired travel-time criteria. Users can also add more places which might also be part of their daily routine, like their partner’s place of work or child’s school. You can see how it works below.

Living in the Amsterdam Area

In response to requests from internationals, international service providers and businesses for more information about the greater Amsterdam region, the ‘Living in the Amsterdam Area’ section of the I amsterdam site was developed. Internationals who have come to work in the Amsterdam Area can find reliable information about the region, including videos and testimonials from people living there.

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