Public perception

Tony's Chocolonely has been named the Netherlands’ most sustainable brand by Dutch consumers. Shoppers voted to help the sustainable chocolate brand top the Sustainable Brand Index for the second year running. Aiming to increase the importance companies place on sustainability, the index also reveals what consumers expect in terms of green and ethical business practices. 

More than 6,000 people were interviewed for the 2019 edition, which looked at 167 companies across 11 categories. IKEA, ASN Bank and Greenchoice also ranked highly. ING made the biggest gain on the list, moving to 39th place from 86th in 2018.

Changing chocolate

Founded in 2005, Tony's Chocolonely takes a multifaceted approach to sustainability and worker’s rights. The company strives to end child labour and slavery in the African cocoa industry and pays farmers a higher price for their product, helping to fight poverty. They also invest in education and training for farmers, and make sure the cocoa they purchase is completely traceable. 

Currently, Tony's Chocolonely is looking at how it can become greener. Currently, it partners with the organisation Justdiggit on landscape restoration projects in Africa, reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. It also works with GoodFuels to promote the use of sustainable biofuels, and the company is researching eco-friendly ways of manufacturing milk powder. At the corporate office, employees have access to bikes they can ride to meetings, cleaners use biodegradable products and used coffee grounds are collected and used as fertiliser. 

A sustainability-centred city

In addition to Tony's Chocolonely, the Dutch capital is home to many companies and organisations focused on transparency and sustainability, including Fashion for Good, Plastic Whale and Fairphone. Through Amsterdam Impact, the city also supports social entrepreneurship by creating opportunities, hosting events, organising challenges and connecting businesses with potential customers. 

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