The Carbon Trust moves to Amsterdam

International climate change and sustainability advisory firm the Carbon Trust is opening a new office in Amsterdam. The firm said the new location will help it service its growing business in mainland Europe. The announcement was made as the Carbon Trust took part in the Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference at the Planetarium in Amsterdam, where it showed how fashion businesses can successfully set science-based targets to act on climate change. Headquartered in London, it also has offices in China, Mexico and South Africa.

Attracted by Amsterdam’s dedication to sustainability

The firm said it was attracted to the Dutch capital due to its proliferation of companies already working in sustainability, as well as its reputation as a gateway to Europe. Hugh Jones, managing director of business services at the Carbon Trust, said: “We’re excited to be opening up a new office in Amsterdam, which is already a hub for sustainable business with great transport links across the continent. We hope this will enable us to work with an even greater number of companies across mainland Europe, delivering on our mission of accelerating the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy.”

Amsterdam is a hub for sustainability and social entrepreneurship

The Amsterdam Area is also home to a number of initiatives and businesses working in sustainability. Additionally, Amsterdam Impact acts as a helpful guide to the city region’s inspiring, innovative and active ecosystem for social enterprises. Amsterdam was also recently named as one of the world's leading centres for green finance, which helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

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