Talent.io moves to Amsterdam

French tech recruitment firm Talent.io is opening a new office in Amsterdam. The startup’s ‘reverse talent recruitment platform’ allows organisations to search through a database of tech talent that matches the needs of their business. The company, which already has offices in London, Berlin, Munich, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Lille and Paris, is set to launch in Amsterdam on Monday, 4 February. Its Dutch branch will be led by Flip van Eijndhoven.

Developers sign up to Talent.io’s platform for free when they’re looking for a new job and are then screened by the firm’s recruitment experts to find the strongest candidates. Tech companies that are using the platform receive a weekly email featuring the new candidates. They can then start a conversation with those candidates and are only charged by Talent.io if they successfully recruit someone. The firm says this process streamlines the recruitment of tech professionals for organisations and makes it easier for professionals to find a new job. Talent.io already works with thousands of companies, including Adobe, Ubisoft and AXA, and has raised more than €10 million in investment to help it expand across Europe.

Amsterdam is “the heart of a booming tech scene”

In a blog post, the company said that it decided to launch in Amsterdam as the city was “the heart of a booming tech scene where tech companies are working increasingly hard to fully build up their tech teams due to high demand”. The post also commented on the increased funding for startups in the Netherlands, a development that it said was due to “investors who see the growth and opportunity in the market. In fact, investment in the market in 2018 was up 20% on 2017, with Dutch startups now raising €557 million. At the same time, the number of companies which raised over €15 million almost doubled from the previous year.”

The news comes just a few weeks after a report revealed that the Amsterdam Area was the third largest city region in Europe for developers. The State of European Tech Report 2018 found that the region boasts a total of 216,800 professional software developers, behind London and Paris. The report also showed that 2018 was a truly remarkable and a record-breaking year for Amsterdam’s tech industry, as the city’s Adyen delivered the second largest European IPO with a value of $7.8 billion dollars based on market capitalisation at exit, while Elastic was fifth with $2.5 billion.

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