Making an impact with science and research

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards recognise innovative ideas that have a societal and/or commercial impact. This year’s awards have gone to Marissa de Boer, Jill Coster van Voorhout (both from the University of Amsterdam) and Bernadette de Bakker (Amsterdam UMC) and their teams.

The ceremony also included the presentation of the Amsterdam Impact Awards, which saw winners honoured for advances in surgical training, cell research and poverty alleviation.

Streamlining the fight against corruption and trafficking

Jill Coster van Voorhout and her research team won in the category ‘Alpha/Gamma,’ which focuses on social sciences and humanities. They were honoured for having devised a new technique that combines various research methods to trace criminal money in bank data. The method can make it simpler and safer to track down those responsible for human trafficking, money laundering, corruption and similar crimes.

Circular economy principles can fight phosphate waste

The award in the ‘Beta’ category for natural sciences and maths went to the creators of the ‘SusPhos process.’ Marissa de Boer and her research team are developing technology for processing waste that contains phosphates into high-quality products, such as fertiliser and fire retardants, thus creating a circular economy for these chemical derivatives.

Helping doctors and midwives

In the category for life sciences, Bernadette de Bakker of Amsterdam UMC and her team won for their 3D-printed models of embryos for use in medical education and training. These models represent a significant improvement – in cost and quality – of those currently in use and will help doctors and midwives better recognise birth defects.

The forefront of innovation

The winning researchers will receive €7,500 to continue working on their ideas and bring them to the market. Jury chair Gigi Wang, an entrepreneur affiliated with Berkeley University, praised the high standard of the submissions, saying the three winners showed that the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovation.

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