Joining Microsoft

In the first half of 2018, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) purchased 70 hectares of land at Agriport A7. A development project north of Amsterdam, it features a business park and an 850-hectare greenhouse park. On 19 December, Alphabet was granted a permit to build a new data centre next to one belonging to Microsoft.

Additionally, CyrusOne, a tech-focused international real estate investment trust, will construct a neighbouring data centre on a 33-hectare plot. The three companies can take advantage of Agriport A7’s direct connection to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and a dark fibre network.

A new approach to sustainability

Agriport A7’s greenhouses and data centres enjoy a special relationship: heat produced by the data centres’ machinery contributes to warming the greenhouses, which on their part emit heat that can then be used by the data centres, allowing for a unique cycle to take place.

A strategic location between the IJsselmeer lake and the North Sea allows Agriport A7 to enjoy milder winters and cooler summers than the rest of the Netherlands, plus an increased light intensity, making it ideal for growing food.

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