Connecting north and south

Amsterdammers are enjoying easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to CoolRail, a new train service connecting Rotterdam and the Spanish city of Valencia. The train began operating on 6 May, reducing the amount of lorry trips taken between the Netherlands and Spain by more 12,000 each year. By using a train to transport food instead of a lorry, CoolRail estimates the number of kilometres driven annually will drop by approximately 22 million. In turn, this will cut CO2 emissions by 15,000 tonnes.

CoolRail is an initiative of Euro Pool System, which provides re-usable packaging and logistics services to the fresh-produce industry. Though trains and lorries require the same amount of time to travel between the two cities, the CoolRail trains each have 42 refrigerated units, allowing them to transport 42 times the amount of food as a single truck.

Healthy food, healthy planet

Currently, three trips are made to the Netherlands each week, but CoolRail hopes to increase this number to five in the future. The company also hopes to expand its offerings and transport food to Germany, Scandinavia and the UK. Gerjo Scheringa, Euro Pool Group’s chief executive, said in a statement: “After extensive preparations and the first pilot trial, we are now taking a major step towards the dramatic reduction of our carbon footprint when it comes to transporting fresh produce.”

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