The Netherlands performs strongly in all aspects

Ranked fourth globally and up two places from 2018, the Netherlands has overtaken Germany and Switzerland as the most competitive country in Europe. The annual report, which ranks 141 economies by 103 indicators organised into 12 pillars, states that the Netherlands’ performance is “consistently strong across all pillars, and it appears in the top 10 of six of them.” It singles out the country’s high marks in macroeconomic stability (where it received all 100 available points), health (94.2) and infrastructure quality (94.3).

Innovation and progress within a strong institutional framework

The Netherlands also scored particularly well in the innovation ecosystem pillar, thanks to a highly skilled workforce, vibrant business dynamism (where the country ranks just behind the United States, the overall leader of the table) and advanced innovation capability. In addition, the institutional framework of the Netherlands is among the best in the world, with a score of 78.6. The country does well in every aspect relating to this, including security, checks and balances, efficiency and governmental commitment to sustainability.

A look into the economic future

The annual Global Competitiveness Report was launched in 1979 by the World Economic Forum and provides an assessment of the drivers of productivity and long-term economic growth. Covering 141 economies, it measures national competitiveness, which it defines as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity. One conclusion from the 2019 edition is that countries likely to get ahead in the future are those with a holistic approach to socio-economic challenges.

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