Doubling the number of employees

Het Parool reports that Netflix is planning a significant expansion of its EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam. Staff is set to be doubled, reaching 800 in the coming years. The office will relocate from the city centre to a larger space in Zuid.

Bringing more local content to Netflix

Netflix’s plans to offer more local content include a new co-production deal with the public broadcaster NPO. Filming has already begun for Slag om de Schelde (also known by the English title The Forgotten Battle), which tells the story of the liberation of Zeeland towards the end of World War II. Its budget of €14 million is well above the average for a Dutch production and it will be released in cinemas first – most likely in late 2020 – and then appear on Netflix.

According to Het Parool, the first Netflix Originals for the Netherlands will also appear in 2020 and include an English-language series based on the beloved Dutch children’s book Brief voor de Koning (Letter to the King) by Tonke Dragt, as well as Ares, a Dutch-language horror series set in Amsterdam. In addition, agreements with KPN and Dutch Filmworks will bring more Dutch content to Netflix.

Amsterdam: a haven for media and broadcasting

Amsterdam’s world-class connectivity, accessibility, talent, English proficiency and high quality of life make it a global hotspot for media and broadcasting. The Amsterdam Area has always had an acumen for producing some of the world’s most-watched programmes – shows such as Big Brother and The Voice were created by Amsterdam-based media and broadcasting companies. As for international companies, in addition to industry leaders Netflix there are CBS, Viacom Media Networks and Media Monks. Movie experts and Amsterdam lovers alike will have caught a glimpse of the city on the silver screen, too.

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