“Amsterdam is Europe’s data science hub”

The credit management firm Lowell is opening a new data science centre of excellence in Amsterdam. With its bustling tech and data science ecosystem, Amsterdam is an ideal location for the new centre, and data science community activities were an important consideration in the decision to move to the city. In a statement, the firm said it was attracted to the city because “Amsterdam is Europe’s data science hub and a natural home for Lowell’s latest analytic investment.”

Amsterdam has a wealth of talent on offer

Another factor that was considered in the search for the location of the new Lowell Labs was talent. Lowell looked at university programmes and graduation rates. Amsterdam boasts an internationally oriented and highly-educated workforce – almost half of the city’s residents have a degree and the majority of Amsterdam’s residents speak English well. The city also has data science programmes such as the Amsterdam School of Data Science, an initiative that pools together more than 200 study programmes from several universities and colleges of applied sciences for a specialised degree in the field. Hiring for the Lowell Labs is ongoing.

Amsterdam is a perfect fit

International business practices, reputation and entrepreneurial spirit were additional factors. The company’s group chief science officer, Christopher Trepel, who will be running Lowell Labs, says: “Our Amsterdam office reflects both the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom-to-operate of a startup with the stability of a large, pan-European corporate business.”

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