Inspiring events and speakers

On 11 January 2019, B. Amsterdam held its annual Let’s Startup festival. One of the largest events of its kind in the Netherlands, the gathering attracted attendees from a variety of industries eager to celebrate talent, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Masterclasses and keynote speeches took place throughout the event, furthering B. Amsterdam’s goal of helping aspiring entrepreneurs build, grow and scale their businesses. Presenters included IBM growth leader Lot Keijzer and David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, a book on stress-free productivity. 

Changing the way people pitch

TEDx speech coach and pitch expert David Beckett also spoke and announced a new product, Pitchy. Launching in the next few months, Pitchy is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs develop solid pitches for potential investors. It includes a “build your own script” feature, video tips from David and helpful real-world examples. Pitchy also uses AI to create stylish visuals and offers suggestions for delivering a successful presentation. 

Dozens of workshops

The festival included over 40 workshops focused on diverse topics, including artificial intelligence, podcasting, change leadership and data science. Attendees also listened to “f*ck up stories,” and learned valuable lessons that come from failure and mistakes. 

Laurens Bosman and Robert Storm from the accelerator company Wayfinders, which helps businesses enhance their brand culture, hosted a unique workshop as well. Exploring how Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe and Steve Jobs would run a vegetable shop, it taught participants about office culture, team alignment and decision-making. 

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