A world-leading law firm moves to Amsterdam

The law firm Scott+Scott is set to open a new office in Amsterdam. The US company’s Amsterdam office, which is set to open on the Herengracht on 1 June, will be its first in mainland Europe. Scott+Scott also has offices in New York, Connecticut, California and London. It is an international law firm with a reputation for advising multinational corporations and institutional investors, and for recouping billions of dollars for clients in complex cases involving competition law violations and other misconduct.

“A one-stop shop for global recoupment”

David Scott, the firm’s managing partner, said in a statement: “Opening the office in the Netherlands serves two goals; it allows us to service our multinational clients with a pan-European approach, and it provides our US-based institutional clients a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach for their European investments. Our presence in the Netherlands will provide our clients, whether headquartered in the US or Europe, a one-stop shop for global recoupment, regardless of where the damages occurred.”

The advantages of moving to Amsterdam

Scott+Scott has represented a range of corporations in Europe, including Hermès, GrandVision and Vodafone in lawsuits against Visa and Mastercard alleging that the fees they impose for accepting payment cards breach European competition law. An advantage for the firm is Amsterdam’s English-language Netherlands Commercial Court, which was opened at the start of 2019. It helps to resolve complex international business disputes, ranging from claims focused on corporate law and tort to contractual issues. All proceedings and judgements are conducted in English.

Before the court was founded, Dutch courts were already a popular place to settle international business disputes because of their reliability and efficient and transparent procedures. The Netherlands also has a robust litigation regime and its courts are increasingly friendly to parties seeking damages from price fixing and other forms of wrongdoing.

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