Raising the bar

Launched four years ago, Kitchen Republic offers a home to food startups and scale-ups that put quality, integrity and sustainability at the heart of what they do. The businesses operating at Kitchen Republic’s shared kitchens are high-quality, independent food startups and scale-ups. Products range from vegan patisserie goods to artisanal kimchi and from authentic New-York-style bagels to seafood products locally sourced from the North Sea.

Offering workspace, networks and advice

Kitchen Republic’s new location, located in a renovated warehouse, will offer professional kitchens as well as work and event space on more than 2,500 square metres. In addition, Kitchen Republic also offers advice, insider knowledge and access to relevant networks. Co-founder Bart-Jan Veldhuizen says: “The new scale-up kitchen is a part of our mission to put better food on the map. The possibilities that this second, bigger location offers show that [food] production can be done differently, better and more sustainably. We offer food entrepreneurs space, expertise and cooperation with bigger parties. By doing that, we help them become as big as possible in the best possible way.”

Growing sector

The new location is a response to the growing demand for certified commercial kitchen space. According to Kitchen Republic, there are growing trends towards more variety and more local produce. The sector is growing: figures by ABN AMRO show that the number of small-scale food producers has increased by 45% in the past five years. Many of today’s food startups are likely to have an impact on eating habits a few years down the line. Especially in Amsterdam, the food scene is thriving, with new restaurants opening regularly and culinary festivals and events drawing hundreds of visitors.

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