The Netherlands continues to be a highly competitive country

According to the 2019 edition of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, published by Swiss business school IMD, the Netherlands are the sixth most competitive country in the world, joining the ranks of Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States and the UAE. Compared with the other European countries, the Netherlands fare exceptionally well, coming second after Switzerland.

Amsterdam is still an innovation hotspot

Meanwhile, in its latest Innovation Geographies rankings, the commercial real estate services firm JJL has assessed over 100 cities worldwide to identify cities that have the strongest innovation ecosystem. Amsterdam comes 19th in the global ranking and fifth in Europe.

Innovation and talent go hand in hand

According to JJL, levels of innovation are a strong indicator for future economic success, as cities that “combine strong innovation capabilities and talent concentrations have outperformed in economic terms over the last couple of decades.” JJL also say that there is a “robust link between innovation and talent-rich cities and real-estate performance,” as major corporations tend to target cities perceived to have a strong innovation system, which then quickly trickles down to real estate investment.

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