Using data to improve teamwork

Humanyze compiles and analyses data from sources such as social networks and workspace sensors to help HR professionals, facility managers and workspace specialists better understand how teams work and communicate. The company has opened its European headquarters in Amsterdam and aims to use it as a base for expansion into the EMEA and the UK.

“Having our European headquarters in the Netherlands has been a fantastic choice,” says Alexa Lightner, Humanyze’s vice president and general manager for the EMEA. “We are able to serve our European customers faster and more effectively due to Amsterdam’s strong, multi-lingual talent pool, its fast and efficient transport options to all of Europe and its professional groups and thought leaders in smart buildings, people analytics and Property Tech.”

The impact of workspace on work processes

The company celebrated the opening of the new office by hosting a panel discussion about the importance of space design and its impact on collaboration, and specifically the opportunities that smart buildings offer for employers. Utilising new technologies can not only improve employee experience, but also have a significant impact on the way people work and collaborate within their workspace.

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