Supporting customers across the EU

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, has moved its support parts distribution centre for European customers to Amsterdam. Previously, the centre was close to London, but the impending changes brought by Brexit motivated the company to relocate. The new centre is near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and is stocked with high-usage parts and provides support to maintenance facilities across the EU. 

Derek Zimmerman, Gulfstream’s president of customer support, said in a press release that the company “made this move to ensure the continued speedy delivery of parts and materials to customers in the EU. In preparation for Brexit, we began moving parts from our London Heathrow-area distribution centre into Amsterdam several months ago. The Amsterdam location is fully operational, and we have already transitioned more than $20 million in inventory. All stock in Amsterdam is customs-cleared into the EU, allowing for faster access to parts."

A major centre only minutes from Schiphol

The new distribution centre is approximately 2,323 square metres and located in Fokker Logistics Park, minutes from Schiphol. It’s expected to have roughly $28 million in inventory by the close of 2019 and is run through a partnership with Crane Worldwide Logistics, which is responsible for logistics services and provides warehouse space. 

Gulfstream is one of many aerospace companies based in Amsterdam. Boeing, GE Aviation, Embraer, Bell and CAE are all present in the city, where their offices handle everything from maintenance and training to marketing and sales. As the world’s second-most connected airport, Schiphol also makes it easy for corporations to reach people in any part of the world.

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