Amsterdam as a base for growth

Financial Software & Systems (FSS), a Chennai-based payments company, has announced plans to move its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam. The firm hopes this decision will help it expand its footprint across the continent while increasing its market share and improving customer delivery capabilities. FSS is joining numerous other companies and organisations (including the European Medicines Agency and the TV network Discovery) that have chosen to move to the Netherlands, partly due to Brexit. 

Changing the way we pay

Currently, FSS works with more than 100 financial organisations around the world and has over 2,000 employees. The company is cooperating with banks and other payment processors to update legacy technology infrastructure, while using its payments expertise to create partnerships with new companies. In Europe, FSS is working to deliver new offerings in several areas – including AI-based payments, prepaid card management and customer authentication – so it can successfully enter new markets and provide better customer service. 

Ram Chari, FSS’s global business head, said: “FSS is a global payment company and Europe occupies a central position in our global expansion strategy. Every aspect of the payments business is changing, and our customers are looking for a reliable partner to navigate the new technology and regulatory headwinds that are impacting business. FSS, with its deep expertise across the payment spectrum, is a reliable partner for transformation and delivery of new generation payments.”

A hotbed for finance and FinTech

Upon moving to Amsterdam, FSS will join a thriving community of payments and FinTech companies, including Adyen, Azimo, bunq and Currence. The finance industry is responsible for more than 200,000 jobs in the Netherlands, including over 20,000 positions in FinTech alone. Additionally, Amsterdam was named one of the world’s leading centres for green finance in 2019 by the Global Green Finance Index.

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