Changing the festival game in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) champions electronic music with a huge array of club nights and its conference brings together music industry professionals from around the globe, connecting musicians, producers, VJs and artists. The conference, a massive event featuring hundreds of guest speakers, is one of the most important industry gatherings worldwide. Amsterdam, with its strong international community of creative businesses and initiatives – and its experienced and multilingual creative workforce – is the ideal base for the event. 

ADE's conference hosts pioneers in music, but also in sustainability, circular models and innovation. This year, it is taking that focus even further. The event is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the events industry, and ADE Green plays host to the launch of a new scheme which aims to make festivals more circular.

These five head-turning green initiatives are all aiming to disrupt the industry:

Launching Green Deal Circular Festivals

This edition of ADE will see the launch of Green Deal Circular Festivals, which was created in partnership with the Dutch Government to ensure a more sustainable future for festivals. As part of this initiative, pioneering festival organisers throughout Europe will commit to collaborating on the creation of circular supply chains and developing sustainable methods for the provision of food, water, energy and other material conditions at festivals.

Cycle to ADE

Biking on bridge sunset Amsterdam CC BY-SA 2.0 Daniel Wehner via Flickr

To make a difference before arriving at ADE, a bunch of DJs, promoters and industry professionals have been cycling to the event from Paris. That’s 530 kilometres over five days, across France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The aim is to raise funds for Bridges for Music, a non-profit organisation that offers training in music and entrepreneurship. Before the festival began, ADE also invited members of the public heading to the festival to join the cyclists on their epic charity trip.

Making air travel green

If cycling to ADE is not an option, visitors who fly to the festival with KLM can get a special package that includes CO2 compensation. ADE is also working with KLM to compensate the flights of all conference speakers and panelists through the CO2ZERO programme.

New innovations for sustainable festivals

ADE Green focuses on sustainability, innovation and social change in the music industry. It brings together 1,200 like-minded industry professionals from around the world (including brand managers, suppliers, artists, journalists and students) to discuss the latest developments in the field. Highlights include Innofest, which gives green entrepreneurs and inventors the chance to test their innovations at working festival sites, using their flexible water and energy grids as a living lab. Seven of the most promising startups to have emerged from the programme will also present their ideas, which include circular water solutions, mobile sun power stations and gamification to improve waste separation.

Explore the relationship between activism and art

Starting from the notion that music and pop culture have always been tied up with idealism and the “loud expression of ideas,” this panel investigates the rising influence of activism, particularly that which focuses on environmental issues. The discussion explores how the global reach of the music industry and its power to unleash imagination and passion can be harnessed to form a large-scale movement that creates real impact.

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