Moving towards a circular fashion industry

Billed as a “truly circular solution for polybags,” the product was devised by the Spanish company Cadel Deinking, an innovator from Fashion for Good’s accelerator programme. The high-quality bag is created entirely from post-consumer polybag waste in a bid for the industry to move towards a truly closed loop system.

Scalable solutions can make big changes

With a startup accelerator programme and an interactive exhibition highlighting the fashion industry’s environmental issues – as well as potential solutions – Fashion for Good has been spearheading Amsterdam’s sustainable style movement for more than two years. The Circular Polybag is the first development in a programme focused on scalable solutions addressing issues related to plastics; the pilot is slated to begin in early 2020.

Used bags for true circularity

Contrary to existing recycled polybags, which mostly use uncontaminated pre-consumer off-cuts and shrink wrap waste, the Circular Polybag pilot works with a high percentage of post-consumer polybag waste, which includes ink and adhesive contaminants. Using a patented technology, these substances are removed and the recycled bags can circulate throughout the supply chain again.

This is fashion built to last

Amsterdam’s thriving fashion scene has long been striving to make the industry less polluting and create better conditions for manufacturers across the world. From established labels to ambitious startups and innovation platforms, the city is an exciting environment for unexpected collaborations that push the boundaries of sustainable fashion through new materials, innovative techniques and fresh design concepts.

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