Creating sustainable mobility solutions

During Amsterdam Drone Week, 13 parties, including KLM and Royal Schiphol Group, teamed up to establish Dutch Drone Delta, a new alliance dedicated to creating sustainable, smart and economically viable solutions focused on drones and urban air mobility. The initiative aims to “realise the full potential of drones and urban air mobility,” according to the Royal Schiphol Group.

The new organisation will launch on 1 January 2020 and work to safely integrate drones and urban air mobility, passenger transport centred on air taxis with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, which Royal Schiphol Group calls “the future of air passenger transport in the Netherlands”. Over the next year, assessments will be conducted to determine potential infrastructure locations, relevant requirements and environmental impact.

Shaping the future of transport

According to Port of Business, the 13 partners in the initiative believe the Netherlands is in an ideal position to play a leading role in shaping the future of transport, thanks to its innovative mindset, history of aviation excellence and openness to cooperation. 

In a press release, Henk Jan Gerzee, chief digital and innovation officer at Royal Schiphol Group, said: “We feel it’s important to participate in any promising mobility-related developments. That's why we’re currently working with our partners to explore the future. We want to determine urban air mobility’s potential in terms of improving airport accessibility.”

Amsterdam has an expanding smart mobility sector and a long-established aerospace industry. Schiphol Airport is the second most-connected airport in the world and companies like Boeing, Embraer and Bell are present in the city as well. 

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