A valuable addition to Amsterdam’s life sciences community

American company Cytek Biosciences, which makes full spectrum flow cytometry accessible to a larger number of scientists, has opened new offices in Tokyo and Amsterdam. These locations will help Cytek offer improved customer support. To date, the company has sold systems in 20 countries across five continents.

“Our roadmap has us continuing to expand our global footprint – and continuing to give scientists the tools and support they need to advance their research,” says Dr Wenbin Jiang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences.

Fighting disease at the cellular level

Flow cytometry is a powerful analytical tool used for identifying and quantifying cellular characteristics on a cell-by-cell basis, up to tens of thousands of cells per second. It can be applied for various biomedical and therapeutic applications, including investigating what roles the body’s immune system can play in fighting cancer, diagnosing leukaemia and lymphoma, and detecting residual diseases after organ transplants by allowing individual cells to be checked for mutations, proteins and other concerns.

Cytek's systems have attained a global reputation for ease of use, high performance-to-price ratio, flexibility, their ability to produce quality data and the company’s service-oriented approach.

Cytek machine

A Cytek engineer with a Cytek® Aurora 5-laser system, which features a 355nm UV laser, 64 fluorescence detectors and the ability to run up to 40 colours.

Fuelling scientific discovery

In a press release, the newly appointed head of European operations, Lars J.T. Droog, said that, “I’m thrilled and proud to join Cytek Biosciences, a company that I admire for its ambitious approach and high-quality products that contribute to a better world.”

Continuing, he added that, “The people at Cytek Biosciences are completely focused on accelerating the adoption of flow cytometry for one simple reason: to fuel scientific discovery. I’m looking forward to becoming part of the team and supporting Cytek Biosciences’ international expansion.”

The Amsterdam UMC-Cytek School of Spectral Cytometry 

The company has also signed a collaboration agreement with Amsterdam UMC to establish a school of spectral cytometry at the hospital’s Microscopy and Cytometry Core Facility. This agreement stands as a global first and the joint mission is to support researchers with educational material, individual trainings, and advanced courses in the field of spectral cytometry. The school will also organise regular seminars, welcome international speakers and run research programmes. 

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