Investing in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem

Collider, an accelerator focused on commerce, marketing and adtech, has launched its Investor Club, allowing advertising and marketing professionals to invest in promising startups. Participation in the club requires a minimum expenditure of €25,000. Working together, investors will choose the best six to eight startups from a pool of more than 150 applicants for Collider’s third accelerator programme in Amsterdam, which begins in September.

By joining the club, investors will gain access to a network of top agencies, brands and fellow investors. They will also be able to help new companies grow and develop by sharing their expertise and acting as mentors. 

A legacy of success

Founded in London in 2014, Collider has invested in over 60 startups and the worth of its portfolio has almost doubled over the years. The accelerator focuses on startups that help companies understand and engage with their customers while boosting sales and retainment levels. One of its alumni, Avocarrot (which optimises and monitors mobile ad revenue), was sold to Glispa for $20 million in 2016. 

In a press release, Ellen Bark-Lindhout, co-founder and managing director of Collider Amsterdam, says: “Collider has proven in the past years that it is successful in accelerating startups. Key to this success is a growing group of ‘smart investors’ who don’t only offer money, but also valuable knowledge and experience to our startups. We are encouraging all people in the marketing and advertising industries who want to gain a competitive advantage in tech to invest a small portion of their hard-earned cash in the next Collider Amsterdam cohort.”

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