Big brains on AI

A week of events and initiatives focused on artificial intelligence in business, science and technology is taking place across the Amsterdam Area from 7 to 11 October 2019.

World AI Week is built around the annual World Summit AI, held in Zaandam on 9 and 10 October, which brings in AI luminaries from around the globe. This year’s speakers include TomTom co-founder Corinne Vigreux, Amazon’s VP and CTO Werner Vogels, Baidu’s chief scientist and head of Business Intelligence Lab at Dr Hui Xiong and Uber’s chief scientist Raquel Urtasun.

An event on scale

The week is framed by two themes: “Driving forward the implementation of AI in business” and “How AI can accelerate progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Organisers InspiredMinds expect the World AI Week to include 100 affiliated events with approximately 15,000 attendees and come backed with high-level partnerships with the UN, AI Commons, Accenture, Google and others.

Learning and networking

“Not only will it allow a deeper insight into the different strategic, technical and operational issues surrounding the technology,” says Sarah Porter, CEO & founder of InspiredMinds. “It will provide opportunities for learning, networking and business opportunity creation on a scale never experienced before for the entire AI ecosystem.”

Multidisciplinary perspectives

Critical discussions will cover subjects such as AI ethics and politics (including bias, diversity and inclusion, privacy and security), the recent breakthroughs in natural language processing, artificial general intelligence, AI and robotics, image & voice recognition and encrypted data.

AI Amsterdam leading the way

Certainly, the location for this event is very apt. Thanks to investment from the City of Amsterdam, a wealth of top talent and successful partnerships between multinationals, startups and researchers, Amsterdam has evolved into a global hub for innovations in data science and artificial intelligence.

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