An award-winning agency moves to the Amsterdam region

The award-winning Indian design company KREO Design and Innovation has opened a new office in Amsterdam. Founded in 2013, the multidisciplinary company’s new Dutch office is on Cuserstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid. It is the firm’s first location outside India and will help it provide creative and unique branding services across the UK and the Netherlands. KREO was started by Darshita Thaker, an alumna of the National Institute of Design, who felt there was a need for a multi-disciplinary firm that could serve as a one-stop solution for clients with versatile design needs. In just five years, the firm has completed thousands of projects for clients from the FMCG, fashion, retail, automotive and electronics industries, including Facebook, Nikon, Red Bull, Crocs and Bosch. It has also won a string of honours in the last few years, including three Global Marketing Excellence awards and a Golden Globe Tiger Award. 

Why KREO chose Amsterdam

KREO said it was attracted to Amsterdam by its thriving creative industry, its reputation as a hub for innovation, its workforce’s English proficiency and its ease of access to the rest of Europe. Personally, Thaker says that she felt a connection with the city after visiting on holiday. She said: “Our decision to set up KREO Amsterdam was very much driven by a positive longer-term business opportunity, as a number of existing clients also have a significant presence in Europe.” In fact, Thaker uses a quote from Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh to define KREO's ethos: “Your profession is not what brings home your weekly pay check, your profession is what you're put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

The Amsterdam Area’s booming creative sector

KREO Design and innovation’s decision to move to the Amsterdam region is another boon for its world-leading creative industry. Over the last two decades it has grown exponentially, and now employs around 200,000 people. It is driven forwards by an expanding pool of top talent and ground-breaking ideas and firms, including global brands – with Nike, Netflix and Adidas just some of those who have made it their home. It boasts internationally renowned agencies and some of the world’s leading advertising companies, such as Wieden+Kennedy and 72andSunny, as well as exceptional homegrown successes like Achtung and 180 Kingsday.

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