A top contender for all the right reasons

Avenue Code is an IT consulting and development firm focussing on e-commerce, omni-channel technology and mobile application development. While the company has been providing services in Europe for some time, this is its first European office and careful consideration was given before Amsterdam was chosen as a business location. In a press release, Avenue Code’s co-founder and CTO Amir Razmara says: “The Netherlands emerged as the top contender for all the right reasons: top technical talent, a culture of innovation, and expertise in emerging technologies.”

Amsterdam attracts an international workforce

According to Alexander Carvalho, VP of delivery, the city’s vibrant cultural scene and high quality of life were another major factor in the decision. “One important element we consider in any strategic decision is how it will impact or elevate the quality of life for our consultants,” he says. “Much of our workforce is quite mobile and relocates internationally [so] we had to make sure our first office in Europe would have a lot to offer in terms of liveability, culture, art and recreation, and Amsterdam quickly emerged as the winner.”

Bringing dozens of new jobs to Amsterdam

Avenue Code is set to create dozens of new jobs in the city. Ulyana Zilbermints, VP of business development, says: “Today, our biggest objective is to hire the cream-of-the-crop talent that our clients expect. […] And in the short term, we plan to add approximately 100 jobs in Amsterdam in the next two years.” A tech ecosystem that keeps developing Amsterdam is a thriving tech hub that’s home to innovative companies and a vibrant startup scene. The environment encourages fruitful collaborations between digital, creative and marketing companies, which are further fostered by the city’s excellent digital and physical connectivity.

A legacy of US investment in the Netherlands 

While preparing for the move, Avenue Code was assisted by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Henny Jacobs, NFIA’s executive director for the Americas, says: “Like thousands of other US companies that have invested in Holland, Avenue Code will benefit from our country’s strategic location, highly educated and multilingual workforce and business-friendly climate.”

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