A new logistics centre in the Amsterdam region

Cryoport, a world-leader in temperature-controlled logistics for the life sciences industry, has opened a new global logistics centre in the Amsterdam Area. A ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by clients, government officials and business partners took place on 30 January to officially open the new facility, which will play a major role in Cryoport’s global distribution network for biopharmaceutical products, which require strict condition and temperature controls. Located in Hoofddorp, the centre was built to be rapidly scaled so it can support growing demand for services. It will serve Cryoport’s top international clients, including Novartis, Janssen Pharmaceutica and Gilead Sciences. 

Attracted by Amsterdam’s connectivity and reputation in life sciences

Amsterdam’s status as a global hub for the life sciences industry helped the city attract Cryoport’s interest. Currently, it’s home to pioneering startups, collaborations and researchers, and has an excellent infrastructure for the import and export of pharmaceuticals. The city is also home to many prominent scientific organisations, including the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the European Medicines Agency, which moved into its new temporary office in Amsterdam earlier this year. 

Jerrell Shelton, Cryoport’s CEO, said, "The demand for comprehensive global support of regenerative therapies is growing rapidly. We are happy to add Amsterdam to our global network with its excellent connectivity and reputation as one of Europe's leading life sciences hubs.” Continuing, he added that choosing Amsterdam for the centre “allows us to more effectively support our global biopharmaceutical client base throughout the research, clinical and commercialization phases of their revolutionary regenerative therapies.”

The life science and health sector in the Netherlands

The life sciences and health sector is booming in the Netherlands, which is home to more than 2,900 innovative life sciences and health companies, major multinationals, academic centres and research organisations. In fact, the Netherlands boasts one of the most concentrated life sciences regions in the world within a 200-kilometre radius. As part of this hub, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area strives to bring universities, research institutions and corporations together to collaborate and innovate and is working to become a world-leader in medical data science.

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