Amsterdam hosts hundreds of conferences and events annually

Amsterdam has risen in the rankings of the most popular world cities to host ICCA-approved meetings and events. The International Congress and Convention Association’s (ICCA) 2018 Country and City Rankings shows the most popular cities and countries for hosting meetings that meet ICCA’s stringent assessment criteria - which require an event have at least 50 participants, be held on a regular basis and rotate between a minimum of three countries. In the latest report, Amsterdam rose from 16th to 13th place, holding 123 ICCA-approved meetings during 2018. Paris took first place with a total of 212 meetings. The Netherlands also performed strongly in the new report, coming in 9th with 355 meetings while the United States was the leading destination, hosting 947 gatherings.

Rigorous assessment criteria

ICCA represents the world’s leading suppliers in handling, transporting and accommodating international meetings and events, and now comprises more than 1,100 member companies and organisations in almost 100 countries. In a statement, Senthil Gopinath, the organisation’s CEO, said: “ICCA’s latest figures uphold the mature, robust growth pattern we identified in this report and provide more evidence of our firm belief that the association sector continues to be an unrivalled stimulator of global societal development and a force for progress across the globe.”

Amsterdam hosts hundreds of trade fairs, conventions, congresses and meetings every year. The city has excellent venues, facilities and service providers, providing event planning professionals with the resources and manpower they need. 

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