Creating a new space for business and innovation

Initiated by ING, the Cumulus Park project in Amsterdam Zuidoost is uniting partners from multiple sectors, disciplines and backgrounds. The district is expected to act as a catalyst for projects, collaborations and business models and will offer networking opportunities and inspiration for new generations of entrepreneurs, researchers and students. Additionally, it will feature dining options, public spaces and sports facilities, as well as greenery and open buildings.

Cumulus Park tackles urgent social challenges

The aim for Cumulus Park is to become a space where small and large businesses, researchers, entrepreneurs and students can work together on solutions for contemporary urban and social challenges. Activities at the park will focus on innovations and new technologies in fields like urbanisation and digital identity.

New co-creation and study programmes coming in 2020

Cumulus Park will host various activities and events in the near future, including knowledge sessions and meet-ups, and will serve as a platform for local entrepreneurs. In 2020, the ING’s new Cedar building will also open at Cumulus Park, along with the renovated AUAS Business Campus. Next year will also see the launch of co-creation projects and a new multidisciplinary study programme.

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