Providing quality care through leading hospitals

Medbelle, a startup billing itself as a ‘digital hospital’ that allows users to book medical procedures through an app and web-based platform, has released its 2019 Hospital City Ranking. Amsterdam takes eighth place (and fourth in Europe), while Tokyo, Boston and London claim the first three positions. 

Medbelle surveyed leading hospitals and medical schools to create a shortlist of cities, which was then ranked in three categories: infrastructure, quality of care and access. Research focused on multiple factors, including cancer survival rates, the cost of medicine and the number of hospital beds.

Amsterdam scored particularly highly in several areas. The city received scores of 95.22 and 99.99 out of 100 for having multiple high-ranking hospitals and the ease of accessing hospital care, and its total score was 97.53. 

A centre of healthcare, innovation and research

Home to 11 hospitals, Amsterdam has an excellent healthcare infrastructure that includes the Amsterdam UMC, a top medical centre that combines patient care, scientific research and education.

The city also has a thriving life sciences and health industry and the European Medicines Agency moved to the Dutch capital from London in 2019. Local researchers and academics are pursuing new technology and therapies focused on the use of artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare. 

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