Advancing a tech business in Amsterdam

The subsidiary, 3SC Analytics BV, is located at co-working group B. Amsterdam, which occupies 40,000 square meters across three buildings. 3SC offers customised solutions in supply-chain planning and logistics using advanced analytics. Its products and services use technologies including machine learning, AI and deep learning, offering Software as a Service (SaaS) and Analytics as a Service (AaaS).

New jobs in “hyper-connected tech hub” Amsterdam

Lalit Das, founder and CEO of 3SC Analytics BV, has announced plans to expand 3SC’s workforce, saying “we are going to scale our resources to 15 FTEs by 2020, [hiring] primarily data scientists and analysts.” Das also lauded Amsterdam as a base for business: “We are very thrilled to have launched 3SC Analytics BV in Amsterdam, considering that Amsterdam is a hyper-connected hub for entrepreneurs, emerging tech and innovation.”

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