Fast-growing firm

As one of the fastest growing fintech firms in the world, MarketAxess’ electronic trading tech connects asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds and banks to allow them to trade bonds at any time and efficiently manage complex operational processes.

Amsterdam: a creative, global city

According to Christophe Roupie, Head of Europe and Asia at MarketAxess, choosing Amsterdam as the base for MarketAxess’ European headquarters will help reinforce its global mindset. “As a multinational firm with offices in New York, London, Sao Pãulo and Singapore, connectivity to our clients is paramount to our continued success,” Christophe explained. “The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, offers MarketAxess an additional base to thrive on a global scale and the ability to develop solutions that meet the demands of our clients. As a financial technology firm, we are nimble and fast paced, and look for people that thrive in a creative environment. Amsterdam offers an ideal balance of business productivity and travel connectivity that compliments MarketAxess’ global footprint.”

Help from the City of Amsterdam

MarketAxess received help from the Dutch government and the City of Amsterdam when setting up their new office, getting help to secure premises, connect with the local community and recruit top talent from both the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and amsterdam inbusiness. “We have been lucky to find a trusted partner in the NFIA and amsterdam inbusiness,” he added. “Through their contacts and knowledge across various sectors, we have been able to successfully secure office space, better understand the international education system, make valuable connections with the local community, engage with recruiters and even help create smoother transport links.”

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