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For 13 years now, Inbound Logistics’ Global Logistics Guide has provided an in-depth analysis of the world’s logistics hotspots. The guide rates countries out of 10, based on three criteria: transportation infrastructure, IT competencies and business culture.  

Naturally, the Netherlands received a perfect score (10/10), mainly due to the county’s renowned transportation and supply links, strong governmental support and favourable policies that continue to attract foreign investment.

The Netherlands was the only country to receive the coveted perfect 10. Other well-performing countries included Singapore (9/10), Canada (8/10), Japan (8/10) and the United Arab Emirates (8/10).

Logistics in Amsterdam

Of course, Amsterdam’s logistics scene contributed greatly to the Netherlands’ perfect score. The capital is home to the Port of Amsterdam – one of the world's key international logistic hubs – and the highly connected Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe's major airports. The city also boasts a host of impressive international and homegrown businesses in the sector. Find out why some of these logistics companies chose Amsterdam

“Companies need a central hub where they can store enough stock to respond quickly to demand fluctuations in any part of the world,” said Coenraad Hübner, Oiltanking's vice president of business development. “Crucially, they need the support of a maritime complex with a rich network of connections. Amsterdam can offer just that, especially in combination with Rotterdam.”

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