An important step

An electric car has returned electricity to the public grid via a vehicle-to-grid charging station for the very first time in the Netherlands. The landmark power transfer was part of a trial being carried out by Nissan, car-sharing initiative Buurauto, NewMotion, energy provider Alliander and Amsterdam Smart City. It saw one of Buurauto’s Nissan LEAF cars deliver energy to homes via one of NewMotion’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging stations.

Amsterdam Smart City said the trial is an important step in the transition to sustainable energy: energy from electric car-sharers could serve as a valuable buffer to counterbalance inconsistencies of solar and wind energy, ensuring optimal efficiency of sustainable energy.

Smart mobility in Amsterdam

Trialling the new V2G technology is one of 20 projects run by Amsterdam Smart City under the City-Zen umbrella, which researches how more sustainable energy can be used in densely populated cities. Projects are being carried out in Amsterdam and Grenoble in France.

There are numerous successful smart mobility initiatives in Amsterdam, a general increase in the usage of electric vehicles and record numbers of EV charging points. Sharing services are increasingly popular, too, with an increasing number of them focusing on electric vehicles. All this makes Amsterdam an ideal location for smart mobility projects and particularly interesting for trials that, like this one, are at the intersection of car-sharing, EVs and new charging technologies.

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