Connecting Amsterdam’s students with startup mentors

Amsterdam’s startup scene is great for supporting new companies. From the city's awesome co-working spaces and incubators to its accessible startup permit facilitators, starting a business in Amsterdam is a breeze. And thanks to Startup and Running – which officially launched on 5 April – things just got a little simpler for Amsterdam’s students.

One of the things student entrepreneurs struggle with most is finding a mentor to help them find their way as a startup founder, which is exactly why Bram Kuijken initiated Startup and Running. Simply put: a startup mentor could be the difference between a startup’s failure or success – especially for students and recent graduates. Sometimes all these people need is a push in the right direction.

“Entrepreneurship can be very lonely – that is why you need a mentor,” said Bas Lemmens,’s co-founder. “As an entrepreneur you have a vision, but you need someone with whom you can reflect this vision.”

The innovative new mentor-matching tool is a key part of the IXAnext: Talent for Innovation programme – a joint effort of the City of Amsterdam, UvA, VU, VUmc, HvA and AMC.

Interested in registering? Or do you just want a little more info? Whether you’re a student looking for a mentor or a company seeking to have contact with high-potential startups at an early stage, head on over to the Startup and Running website.