Another addition to Amsterdam’s great co-working spaces

Everyone knows Amsterdam is home to some truly amazing co-working spaces, so it should come as no surprise that rent24 – the innovative German co-working and co-living concept – is thriving in the region.

In addition to its space on the fourth floor of the Bridge Building, the company has added a 450m2 space on the fourth floor of the location. That’s not all, though: in March 2018, rent24 is opening an entirely new space in the historic 19th-century Magna Plaza – making room for over 100 startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

“We are delighted to be able to greet our co-workers here,” said Robert Bukvic – rent24’s founder and CEO – when talking about the new space. “This location is comparable to KaDeWe in Berlin or Harrods in London – so it’s really special.’’

Innovative concept for an innovative city

rent24’s philosophy is based on the synergy effect of a feel-good workplace, which means that its creative, inspiring co-working spaces actively encourage knowledge sharing within the community. On top of this, the spaces provide all the amenities that budding startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers need. Needless to say, the company’s success is built on this community-first vibe.

And rent24’s international reputation ensures that its members have access to an extensive network of mentors who can put them in the fast lane for growing and expanding their companies. In addition, the spaces boast enjoyable stress-busting activities to help occupants break up their day, including table tennis and foosball.

rent24 opens a new co-working space in Amsterdam

“Because of the close community and the international network in combination with the feel-good environment, members of rent24 bring out the best in themselves and their business,’’ said Anja Wesbuer, rent24’s managing director in the Netherlands.