A new car-sharing scheme comes to Amsterdam

Renault is set to launch Fetch, an electric car-sharing service in Amsterdam next month.The service will launch with 100 Renault ZOE models, which will be available throughout the city but particularly concentrated at train and metro stations. Another 100 cars will be added in March 2019. The ZOE is fully electric and has a maximum range of 300 kilometres, meaning it could take its drivers beyond the city borders (though, for now, the car would have to be returned to Amsterdam at the end of the rental period). Renault said it already has plans to expand the service to other major Dutch cities in the future. The firm already operates similar systems in Paris, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm and Hamburg.

A growing number of smart mobility initiatives in the city

With the project, Renault joins car2go and Hyundai, both of which already run electric car-sharing schemes in Amsterdam. They are part of a number of smart-mobility initiatives in the city, which has been at the forefront of smart-mobility developments for many years, boasting plenty of electric boats, cars, buses and scooters, plus a record number of charging stations for electric vehicles.

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