Changing the world of peer-to-peer trading

Advances in AI technologies are disrupting every aspect of business life. One of the many fields that will be turned on its head in the near future is peer-to-peer trading, where traditional trading, taking place at trade fairs, over the phone and in emails, is being replaced by online trading platforms. The Danish high-tech company Acumex is a leader in this field, having built the first online negotiation platform for trading in complex markets such as pharmaceuticals. The platform’s cloud-based approach enables real-time online negotiation and trading.

Making an impact

The research partnership between CWI and Acumex will focus on developing fundamental solutions that are applicable within Acumex’ new online trading platform. In a statement, CWI’s Tim Baarslag, who will lead the research partnership, says: “I am very glad that we can use our knowledge and expertise of negotiation AI to further develop online trading technology. It is very satisfying to work on a research project that will have an actual impact on the experience of the trading users.”

AI in Amsterdam

AI is set to be the defining technology of the future, andAmsterdam is renowned for its expertise in the sector, thanks to investment from the City of Amsterdam, a wealth of top talent and successful partnerships between multinationals, startups and researchers. Read more about AI in Amsterdam here.

Amsterdam Science Park

The 70-hectare Amsterdam Science Park is Europe’s largest centre for science education, research and entrepreneurship for tech, green business, life sciences and AI. Since its 2010 opening, it has grown into a hub for more than 120 research institutions and businesses.