A conference dedicated to lean startup methodology

Eric Ries’ lean startup methodology, based on eliminating wasteful practices, has changed the way many startup founders run their companies. There’s a reason Ries’ The Lean Startup book has sold so many copies. After all, countless companies have followed his tried-and-true formula – with outstanding results. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a conference that took his words off the pages and onto the stage? Well, there is: Lean Startup Summit.

The event is happening at B. Amsterdam on 20 and 21 March 2018 and features an all-star line-up of lean startup experts. Attendees will have the chance learn exactly how the world’s fastest-growing startups and most innovative businesses reached success. It will attract a varied crowd from across the globe: innovation teams, corporate innovators, HR/legal professionals, investors, coaches, consultants and – of course – startup founders. It goes without saying, but there’ll be networking opportunities galore.

Amsterdam: an easy choice

It should come as no surprise that Amsterdam was chosen to host the summit. The city really is becoming the new Silicon Valley and is a true startup city. From its world-class connectivity to its unparalleled access to talent, the Dutch capital is a hub for all business – local and international. And its impressive range of accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces means that it’s easy for young businesses to find their footing in the city.

The programme

The two-day programme – a deep dive into growing companies the smart way – features insightful keynotes, case studies, workshops and mentoring sessions that will give attendees a comprehensive overview on how to kickstart their business’ growth. Topics include:

  • The basics of lean startup.
  • Pivot, learning and failure.
  • Innovation accounting.
  • Portfolio management.
  • The culture and frameworks of transformation.
  • Growth marketing.

Naturally, there will also be a guided tour of Amsterdam's finest startups, accelerators and corporate innovation hubs.

Are you a startup founder, corporate innovator, product manager, consultant, investor, coach or mentor looking to gain some unmissable knowledge on growing a viable business? What are you waiting for? Sign up for Amsterdam’s Lean Startup Summit.