Showcasing innovation in the Netherlands

The Accenture Innovation Awards are an annual part of Accenture’s innovation programme, showcasing new ideas and helping to expose businesses across eight core themes: Climate, Education, Finance, Health, Living & working, Mobility, Nutrition, and Security. For startups and scale-ups, these awards offer international exposure and opportunities to learn, grow and accelerate. In July 2018, the top 25 ventures in each theme were announced; whittled down to 10 in summer; then finally narrowed down to five per theme in the semi-finals announcement on 4 October 2018. In the lead-up to the finals, taking place during the Innovation Summit on 2 November, learn more about the Innovation Awards finalists based in the Amsterdam Area.

Meet the Innovation Awards finalists from Amsterdam

Coolfinity (Climate & Nutrition)

Based in Amstelveen, Coolfinity is a finalist in both the Climate and Nutrition categories of the 2018 Innovation Awards. Their specialist project is the Coolfinity IceVolt500, a fridge that needs only 6 hour of power to maintain a stable temperature of three degrees (Celsius) for 24 hours. It can also safely store food and medication for 48 hours, even if the power drops out, and it boasts a rapid cooling function. Looking to the future, Coolfinity aim to unleash a solar variant.

AcaBoo (Education)

AcaBoo is a new digital alternative for students, helping to reduce investment in books by offering a subscription-based book platform. It provides tailored booklists for courses and integrates ‘smart’ features with social connections. The use of data analytics also allows lecturers and publishers to improve and personalise content.

Incision Academy (Education)

Incision Academy is a new surgical learning platform that embraces 3D video, AR/VR, AI and data analytics. It’s a space where surgical professionals can share advanced knowledge and skills for a broad range of surgical procedures. Incision Academy was also nominated in Health.

Wizenoze (Education)

Calling itself ‘The Web for Classrooms’, this new platform puts the broader internet aside, as typical search engine results may be difficult to read and interpret at some student levels, can be unreliable, or even simply confused by ads. Instead, Wizenoze connects you to relevant and readable content at an appropriate reading level. Think ‘safe-for-school’, with search results plucked only from trusted sources and checked by teachers for suitability to the curriculum.

Agri-wallet (Finance)

Agri-wallet is a blockchain-based platform (supported by the Dodore Foundation in Amsterdam) that aids 100 million small farmers worldwide. It works as a virtual currency within the ecosystem, ensuring funds can only be used for a specific purpose, untapping the lending and saving possibilities in the smallholder farming sector via mobile phones, and expanding financial inclusion in the global agriculture industry. Agri-wallet was also nominated in Nutrition.

Attrace (Finance)

Amsterdam-based Attrace is bringing blockchain technology to the world of affiliate marketing. It’s a high-stakes sector with a host of trust issues caused by middle men and scammers. But Attrace aims to solve that, providing a more reliable and secure service while drastically reducing fees. It was also nominated in Security.

Budlr. (Finance)

With offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Budlr. is a new FinTech platform attempting something different. Where many other financial innovations are aimed at debt recovery, the focus of Budlr. is in early signalling and debt prevention, connecting online transactions to external data to better understand financial situations. It also lowers the barriers for caregivers to help households at an early stage with their financial challenges.

Dyme (Finance)

Are you on top of your monthly and annual subscriptions, and know when all your service contracts are due to lapse? Many people tend to struggle with this so Dyme is a platform that does the dirty work for you. It provides clear insights into recurring expenses, not only notifying you when your utility and insurance contracts are due to end, but highlighting alternative options to encourage you to save.

Temper (Living & working)

Temper is a digital marketplace connecting freelance professionals to companies within the hospitality sector. By removing the interference of third parties (mainly temp agencies), its aim is to offer freedom on both sides of the marketplace. Freelancers decide themselves when, where and for which rate to work. On the other side of the marketplace, Temper provides companies the tools to understand and reach a new generation in the labour market.

Brenger (Mobility)

Brenger is a new mobility and logistics platform that aims to reduce pollution, help people save time and reduce the costs of moving (bulky) goods from A to B. For example, if you purchase a piece of furniture or whitegoods from an online auction, transportation is typically a costly or time consuming problem. Brenger steps in by connecting those seeking transport with couriers who are already going in that direction.

I sea bacon (Nutrition)

Produced by Seamore, I sea bacon is a guilt-free alternative for those who simply love the taste of bacon but would prefer to skip the meat. Dulse is a seaweed product that transforms into a crispy, smoky bacon substitute after only a few seconds of frying. What’s more, it’s packed with nutritious goodness. Now Seamore are ready to convince the masses, taking I sea bacon to the catering industry and aiming to break into the supermarkets.

Wasteless (Nutrition)

Wasteless is a turn-key food waste reduction solution for food retail, enabling dynamic pricing based on expiry dates. The bottom line is that supermarkets can sell more and waste less because dynamic pricing lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a product based on its expiration date. The platform continuously monitors stock levels to alert for out-of-stock products, recapturing lost revenue opportunities like Food Loss Waste (FLW) cost and out-of stock costs, and creates new revenue opportunities by increasing product availability. Wasteless was also nominated in the Climate category. We’d like to congratulate all participants and wish all the finalists good luck as they head to the Accenture Innovation Summit, which takes place on 2 November 2018 in Utrecht. Not only will the winners of the 12th Accenture Innovation Awards be announced that night, the event features a full programme of round tables and pitches, and the surprises and thrills that can be found in the Innovation Playground.