Smart from Amsterdam to Shanghai

According to a press statement, Amsterdam is one of five cities worldwide to have been chosen for the trial. Alongside Amsterdam, it’s Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai where IKEA will make all its home deliveries by electric vehicles or through other zero-emission means.

Zero emissions on the last mile

The trial relates to the inner cities, and the timeframe is 2020. According to the statement, the change would mean 25% of IKEA’s home deliveries would be zero-emission by 2020. IKEA’s overall target in the field of smart mobility is for all its last-mile deliveries to be zero-emission by 2025.

Smart Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a natural choice for the trial, being as it is at the forefront of smart mobility. From electric cars, boats and taxis to car-sharing initiatives, the city is enthusiastically working on schemes that make its roads a greener place. Recent advances include the provision of electric car-sharing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and a new scheme to ease congestion in the city centre. Amsterdam is also home to exciting smart-mobility businesses such as Tesla and New Motion. And even in cycling, where the city can really be expected to be a pro, it never tires to find new ideas and innovations. Find out more about smart mobility in Amsterdam here and here.