Making machines intelligent, improving lives

Founded in 2010, Google Brain combines open-ended machine-learning research with system engineering and Google-scale computing resources. According to a Google spokesperson, it is on a mission “to make machines intelligent and improve people’s lives”. The research unit is based at Google’s headquarters in California but has satellite teams around the world.

Amsterdam: a world leader in AI

Amsterdam is already renowned for its expertise in the AI industry, but plans are in place for the city to become a true world leader in in the coming years. One of the biggest developments in AI in the city is the planned world-class AI hub by the University of Amsterdam and City of Amsterdam, and the city is also introducing schemes and initiatives that will use AI expertise to improve quality of life and boost the city’s already thriving AI sector.

The Google Brain Amsterdam team will join Google’s Amsterdam office in the Zuidas business district. The office houses about 250 employees in departments ranging from cloud engineering to marketing and is looking to expand the team.

A Google spokesperson said: “In general, the primary driver for our choice of AI research office locations is the availability of talent who are either already living in the area or would be attracted to move there. Aside from that it is the usual factors, such as strength of local academic institutions, business-friendly environment and good transport infrastructure. We think that with world-class universities and a thriving developer community, Europe is well positioned to play a leading role in AI research and application.”

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