Electric cars at Schiphol

At Schiphol, there will be space for 16 cars by car2go, plus eight charging stations. Car2go’s electric cars are already available throughout Amsterdam and in Amstelveen. Members of the car-sharing service can drive from there to the airport and leave the car there or vice versa. Around 350 of the service's Smart cars are currently active in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Schiphol, according to NH Nieuws.

Smart mobility in Amsterdam

The availability of electric cars at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is only one of many smart-mobility initiatives in the city. Amsterdam has been at the forefront of smart mobility for many years now, boasting plenty of electric boats, cars, buses and scooters, plus a record number of charging stations for electric vehicles. All taxis going from Schiphol are already electric; the city is also supporting efforts to steadily increase car-sharing.

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