Nordic DevOps leader

According to Heikki Hämäläinen, chief commercial officer at Eficode, the company’s DevOps team is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, and with expansion to the Benelux, Eficode is continuing the international growth of the company’s DevOps-related activities.

Amsterdam’s expertise and strategic location

Several factors influenced Eficode choice for Amsterdam as the location for its new office, including the availability of specialised talent and the Netherlands’ strategic location within Europe. “The Netherlands is an attractive target for us due to its geographical location and top experts,” says Hämäläinen, adding that the company will use Amsterdam as a vantage point from which to access markets in Europe.

International expansion

In addition to two Finnish offices, Eficode currently has offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Earlier this year, the company revealed that they had received a capital investment of six million Euros from Bocap and that the company would open several additional international offices by the end of next year.

Welcoming Eficode

The City of Amsterdam welcomed the new addition to the city’s business ecosystem, and highlighted the new office as further consolidation of the already strong business ties between the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.