An independent association for Dutch startups

Now, we at StartupAmsterdam and our friends at StartupDelta are proud advocates of the Dutch startup scene, but there’s been one thing missing from the ecosystem: an independent association looking out for the interests of Dutch startups. Not anymore, as the Dutch Startup Association (DSA) officially formed on 7 February 2018. The association will lobby for startup- and scale-up-friendly policies, aiming to bridge the gap between policy makers, politicians and – of course – startups.

Naturally, the Dutch government realises that startups are a key group for innovation and pushing business – and let’s face it, the world as we know it – forward. Yet, there’s always room for improvement, and the DSA will ensure that these improvements will be made faster, more efficiently and with startups in mind.

Among other things, the association will aim to address the following:

  • Payment in shares instead of wages.
  • Fiscal stimulation of venture capital and other forms of investment.
  • Adjusting policies in line with new tech, products and services.
  • More instances of governments acting as launching customers.

Dedicated support for the Dutch Startup Association

Already, the DSA has had incredible backing within Amsterdam and the Netherlands’ business and startup ecosystems. Google and Messagebird – for example – have assisted with the association. “We see a lot of obstacles in international law and regulations,” said Messagebird’s founder, Robert Vis. “[But] we are convinced that a joint effort of startups of making their voice heard could make a difference.” And many iconic Dutch startups – such as Peerby, Ticketswap, Moneybird, Bux and Rockstart – have also been committed from the get-go. Of course, initiatives such as ONL, StartupDelta and we at StartupAmsterdam have been supportive from the beginning, too.

“We are looking forward to an active cooperation between the Dutch Startup Association and StartupDelta,” said Prince Constantijn van Oranje, StartupDelta’s special envoy. “Nobody looks after the interests of the startups more than the startups themselves, and we share the same purpose: making the Netherlands the best country for startups. The Dutch Startup Association can lobby more effective for the interests of startups and helps us prioritise.”

A call for new DSA members

The DSA’s founding board is made up of businesspeople from many different industries and regions across the Netherlands:

Pieter Veldhuizen (VPPA) is the director for the Dutch Startup Association, and there is plenty of room for new members – as well as active board members. Startups wishing to become a member of the DSA must have been founded in the Netherlands, have an office in the Netherlands, have a Dutch legal entity, have a founder with shares in the company and have existed for at least 10 years. Needless to say, this is a massive opportunity, so if you want to influence the politics and legislation affecting startups in the Netherlands, what are you waiting for? Become a member now!