Nike's European Headquarters, Hilversum

Nike European Headquarters

Nike’s European headquarters in Hilversum stays pretty true to the company’s ‘just do it’ slogan: employees have the choice of working out or playing sports in one of the office’s basketball, tennis or volleyball courts, or at the indoor gymnasium, weight room, aerobic and yoga facilities or running track. The facility is also one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable offices in the Amsterdam Area – boasting Europe’s largest rainwater collection system, which collects an annual harvest of more than one million gallons of rainwater from the campus’ roofs to use in plumbing systems and landscape irrigation.

Google, Amsterdam Zuid

Designed by Amsterdam’s own D/DOCK, Google’s Amsterdam office offers a combination of the company’s own house style and Dutch inspiration. That means that there’s the usual foosball table, brickwork and graffiti (a nod to to the company’s origins in a garage). But the quirky office space also features stroopwafel ceiling panels, gingerbread wall covering and Delft Blue graphics. All typically Dutch, and if that wasn’t enough, the office’s reception desk imitates a cargo area for a cruiser bicycle, there’s desk bikes scattered around the space and a 1960s caravan has been transformed into a brilliant meeting room in the middle of the office.

“It is a place that makes the employee perform better by offering a work environment that meets their needs,” said D/DOCK’s partner Coen van Dijck. “Happiness, comfort, flexibility, relaxation, well balanced nutrition, exercise, daylight, fresh air and visual stimulation are some of the fundamentals that makes this office a healthy one”.

Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’, Amsterdam Zuid

Designed by Ron Bakker, Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’ in Amsterdam is the most sustainable office building in the world. As well as using 70% less electricity than your typical office (and producing more energy than it consumes), by using a smartphone app workers can check their schedule, alter the light and temperature in any room and even direct their cars to available spots in the car park. If that wasn’t enough, the futuristic building’s onsite gym remembers users' workout routines, redistributing the energy that employees generate during training back to the grid. This clever office even knows when to open conference room doors based on meeting schedules. Want more on sustainable offices? Read our article on 5 green offices in Amsterdam.

Heldergroen, Haarlem

Haarlem-based design studio Heldergroen has come up with a novel way to make sure its employees leave work on time: as soon as the working day ends the office literally disappears. That’s because when the clocks strike 18:00 all the desks – and everything on them – gets pulled up into the ceiling by a mechanical system that’s usually used in theatre productions. It's the perfect way to bring an end to the working day, and employees then use the free space for parties, yoga sessions and other activities. See exactly how it works (and even one of those yoga sessions) in the video above.

Red Bull, NDSM Wharf

Red Bull offices Amsterdam

Occupying a former shipbuilding factory at Amsterdam Noord’s NDSM Wharf, Red Bull’s office looks like a skate park from the future. Designed by Sid Lee Architecture, the office uses plywood and panels to create some spectacular geometric spaces, and the bathroom features images of religious figures singing karaoke or spinning music. If that wasn’t enough, there’s the ‘Crash Room’, where staff can chill out under neon lights, and this unique office even features a desk made from the wing of a bi-plane.

NUON, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Nuon by Rick Geenjaar

Designed by HEYLIGERS design + projects, utility company NUON‘S 296,000-square-foot office space is a completely open and flexible work environment, with work floors divided into ‘neighbourhoods’,  each focused on different ways of working. There’s also sphere-shaped wooden panel meeting pods, white furniture that looks like it’s straight from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and splashes of bright yellow, blue and green. Staff can also access all the facilities of the ‘New Amsterdam’ building the office is based in, including a reception with water bar, 650-seat restaurant, library, espresso bar, service centre and sky lounge.