Apps in Amsterdam this April

appril festival has come a long way since it first launched six years ago. What started as a humble community-based festival for app devs is now the country’s largest mobile-app business event. But it definitely hasn’t lost its community-friendly vibe. The programme features inspiring speakers, exciting interactive sessions, expert panels and networking opportunities galore.

The three-day festival brings together tech professionals, developers, marketeers, designers and entrepreneurs – all to help them solve their app challenges, gain market share or attract new customers. Simply put, it’s where the app industry goes to network, collaborate and help each other out. The event – now in its sixth edition – takes place at B. Amsterdam from 11 to 13 April 2018.

An exciting, topical programme

Due to the world’s astonishing rates of smartphone adoption, more and more companies are moving towards focusing on mobile strategy, and they’re implementing it at the centre of their businesses. This is done to improve the day-to-day running of the businesses, optimise the customer journey experience and facilitate growth.  

This year’s programme is all about mobile solutions: mobile marketing strategy, UX design, big data and more. Naturally, there’s a large focus on the current and future tech that’s taking the tech industry by storm, including artificial intelligence, VR, AR, IoT, chatbots and more.  

As well as these future-defining developments, appril will look back on the last 10 years of app development in the Netherlands, including the successes, challenges, opportunities and more. And we’re talking about an app event here, so the festival's opening features an awesome data-driven results presentation on the Dutch app industry.

If this sounds like your thing, visit the appril website for tickets.