Above-average growth

Amsterdam businesses fared exceptionally well at the award ceremony, which was limited to the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Flevoland. In total, the title of FD Gazelle was bestowed on 287 companies, marking their above-average growth – a minimum of 20 per cent over the last three fiscal years. To become a Gazelle, the companies must also have made a profit in the most recent of the three years.

Golden Gazelles

The ceremony took place in the Stadsschouwburg Philharmonie in Haarlem. To enter the competition, a company must have a minimum turnover of €250,000. Businesses given the title Gazelle were then ranked according to growth of turnover, growth of staff and profit margin, with the top entries declared ‘Golden Gazelles’. Golden Gazelles were awarded in three different categories: small businesses, with a turnover between €250.000 and €2 million, medium-sized (€2 to €10 million) and large (above €10 million).

Amsterdam successes

In the ‘small business’ category, Amsterdam-based Gladwell Academy came second and Xomnia third. SafeHarbour, Scribbr and Usabilla are further notable Amsterdam names in the ranking. In the list of medium-sized companies, Mint Tower Capital Management from Amsterdam is second. And in the ‘large business’ category, find Amsterdam’s own Tony’s Chocolonely on place 2 and MessageBird on place 7. Furthermore, the overall numbers show that the North and South Holland provinces continue being the country’s growth engine, with almost half of the Dutch total of 680 FG Gazelles coming from there.