Countless inspiring spaces in Amsterdam – one price

So you’re a startup, freelancer or entrepreneur. You have an awesome idea, a product or service, but you don’t have a suitable place to work. Luckily, Amsterdam has a whole host of inspiring coworking spaces across the city that come with a seemingly endless list of varying facilities – and in all shapes and sizes. So how are you supposed to choose just one without breaking the bank?

Well, now you don’t have to. Thanks to Amsterdam-based startup Common Grounds whose new membership includes a range of coworking spaces with various niches and environments, spread out all over the city – all included in one price. And you can choose from a half- or full-time monthly membership, depending on your specific needs.

Supporting collaboration in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem

The aim for Common Grounds is to further increase collaboration in the city’s startup ecosystem. Connecting Amsterdam’s many coworking spaces and creative hubs in one network will make it easier for startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs to meet others, learn from one another and even partner up.

“Together, with our big network of spaces, we can fully respond to the needs of Amsterdam’s workforce,” says Fredrik Henningsson, co-founder of Common Grounds. “Enabling the modern-day professional to tailor their everyday work-life based on where they are, who they want to meet and what they aim to achieve.”

Try out Common Grounds

From the city’s biggest and most impressive coworking spaces to the up-and-coming new kids on the block, Common Ground’s membership has a space for every need. After all, some days you want an impressive space with a giant meeting room, while other days all you need is a quiet little corner to get things done.

The new membership grants access to spaces and hubs such as TSH CollabRent24, The Wheelhouse, Startdock, Charley’s, FreedomLab and many more.

Visit the Common Grounds website now for a free seven-day trial.